ryan stars in two feature films

Ryan's recent film news includes a month long journey to Utah to shoot his second feature, the independent film Parade, directed by Brandon Cahoon. He plays the main character, Dean Barrett, a high school student who, through countless adventures and misadventures, tries to make sense of young adulthood. More info to follow.

His first feature, the independent film Thing's You Don't Tell is currently seeking distribution and hitting the festival circuit. For more info, please visit the website.

Ryan also recently starred in two short films, The Key and Cool Jerks. the latter of which was featured in print, Rolling Out Magazine, and at the Independent Black Film Festival & Noir Film Festival.

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first fan mail story

this was my original post on January, 27 2004:

I have received my first fan mail. To show my appreciation here are the excerpts from the lovely Whitney: "Hey!!! omg ur so fukin hot!!! i want you like so bad. But anyways i thik thats awsome about the cd thing!!! i would give u my address in like omg a total second!! lmao u can have my phone # to lol im so funny!!! well anyways i just I wanted to let you know! lol bye!!!!!"

Curious, I enquired the identity of my first loyal fan and received this reply: "lol oh im sorry me and a friend were doin this gay report thing for chemistry about Catnip. And one of the things we had to do were find out if Catnip was ok for humans. So i was on ask.com and typed "catnip for humans" and i got to ur web thingy me and a friend were just lettin ya know u were a cutie sorry, Bye!!"

I then asked if I could post the e-mail: "lmao!!!!! that'd be great!!!!!!!!!! omg id piss my pants that'd be so funny!!!!lmao and we did get an A++!!!"

So you see, youth of America, the moral of the story is...View this website and your grades will instantly improve. Thank you Whitney for your show of support.

this was second original post on Febraury 4, 2004:

So, after I posted my number one fan's e-mail, there were dire consequences: "lmao that was great. everyone was laughin bout it!lol but my b/f happened to see it! lol."

Just how powerful is the internet? Well, apparently when in my hands, strong enough to destroy love: "oh i got in lost of trouble he broke up with me lol cuz he said i didnt tel him about it and that he would never do that to me. lol oh well! to bad for him."

Great, pimplywimp has ruined it's only fan's love life. I should put that on my resume! All apologies Whitney.

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welcome to pimplyblog

this is our new blog to learn about the brothers (albert & ryan). where they've been. where they are. where they are going. or anything else that may be of interest. goodies, links, etc.

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