challenges rolling out

I have made myself an extremely busy person and am working harder than I have in a very long time on my YouTube videos. So far the response has been great! That's encouraging because if I didn't get any feedback from you, there would be no point in putting a new video up each week. I offer a thank you.

In the future I would like to do more collaborations. Sure, I have been in other people's videos, but I haven't had many YouTubers on my channel. I will change that. Below is an appearance on ShaneDawsonTV and my new challenges.

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comedy challenge thursdays kick off

Yesterday I was on a shoot with Shane Dawson and Michael Gallagher. It's going to be an epic music video satire with many talented YouTubers. I would tell you more but I would probably be killed.

Also, I have begun my Comedy Challenge Thursdays. I chose the first challenge from FaceBook, where Jordan wrote on my status update: "Where's Waldo...but he's in denial about being found!". Guess that mean you better join my FaceBook Fan Page and contribute!

I have already chosen my challenge for next week. It involves a recording studio, so be excited!

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comedy challenge comedy chomellengy

If you have seen DeStorm or CharlieIsSoCoolLike on YouTube you know that they make videos where their subscribers and twitter followers challenge them. Like them I am going to make a Comedy Challenge series with a new video every Thursday. Now let me tell explain how these other YouTubers challenge videos work.

CharlieIsSoCoolLike's challenges are more like dares. For instance, he's painted himself purple, dyed his hair red, and learned to juggle. My favorite of his challenge series is when he was asked to make a song using only voice and everyday household items as instruments.

DeStorm's challenges are limited to his music and rapping. For instance, he's had to make a song with a pretty girl, rapping from the point of view of an inanimate object, and rapping using movie titles. My favorite is when rapped while skydiving.

So the moral of the story is, you can now challenge me and whose ever challenge inspires me the most I will choose and complete. My challenges will be limited to comedy videos, but if CharlieIsSoCoolLike challenges were my own they'd be to make a comedy sketch about hair dying, a purple person, juggling, or make a funny song with household items. If DeStorm's challenges were mine they'd be to make a comedy sketch with a pretty girl, as an inanimate object like an annoying orange, with dialogue using movie titles, or a comedy sketch where I skydive.

Now please challenge me and be imaginative! Make me do sketches in different genres. Make me do something so hard that I am mad at you. Just kidding I could never be mad at you! I love you!

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