when the earth goes quake

It was a rather hot day. A dip in the pool would have been nice. My teenage cousin Brian and I were outside cleaning up from a party. Spilled candy from a pinata, bottles and cans, plates with the remains of half eaten tacos. Suddenly, the house began to shake and the mobile home began to rattle loudly. It's pretty frightening at first when you don't know what's happening, but being outside is fairly safe. It lasted pretty long or at least seemed to. Long enough for my brother Albert, who got woken up, to run outside screaming and completely naked. Bewildered, Brian and I looked at him and then looked at each other. Everyone was stunned. I imagine even nearby birds had a laugh at that moment.

The film Parade I am in, about a rite of passage during young adulthood, has been accepted into the Washougal International Film Festival. Also, the first film I acted in, called Things You Don't Tell is available on DVD at Amazon.com. More on these developments later...

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