david lynch & crispin glover

Okay, so we got to Episode 5 of David Lynch & Crispin Glover's Big Box Office Blockbuster and we plan to move forward with more. We finally got our credits for it up on IMDB, which is particularly sweet for me because it's my first writing credit. The show also led to a cameo in a couple videos with The Station, where I got to work with LisaNova and KassemG, two comedians on YouTube that I really admire.

Aslo, I got sick and started googling myself, as if that is a cure. Everything I found actually made me a little more sick. Anyway, I did find a review for the show at Film Threat, a subversive webzine about independent film. I like the part where they say "Ryan Reyes finds more Crispin than the man himself could ever channel.". I also like how Matthew Sorrento, the site's editor, seems to understand that we are big fans and not merely trying to make fun of two of our favorite artists.

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