0s & 1s has been completed

A few years ago I submitted myself for the casting of an independent film called 0s & 1s. The director, Eugene Kotlyarenko, thought I had an interesting take on a character, but didn't think I was right for the part. He had me prepare and audition for a different role. After I read for that role, he changed his mind again and had me read for yet another role. The role was for Cole, a gutter punk, and it was larger than the first two.

Fast forward three years and the film is complete. The film took a long time in post because as Ronnie Scheib describes in his Variety review the "high-concept indie 0s & 1s treats the image like a giant computer screen, which helmer Eugene Kotlyarenko and his special effects/animation team fill with competing graphics, as windows, text messages, alerts, chats and apps fractionalize, interrupt and deconstruct the ongoing action."

A Village Voice review by Andrew Schenker draws a comparison to auteur Ingmar Bergman's Persona (1966). Personally, I think this is a film that could be studied in University film schools and I am looking forward to Eugene's next high-concept film project.

Also the film's soundtrack is shocksome. It includes Ariel Pink, Dum Dum Girls, No Age, Wavves, and many more.

The film will be playing in Brooklyn, New York from March 18-24 at reRun Gastropub Theater. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased here.

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i am a warlock now

So my friend Jason Carmody, whom I attended UC Santa Cruz with, fell in love with Charlie Sheen's call into Alex Jones' radio show and wanted me to set pieces of it to music. After I told him it was a funny idea but didn't act upon it, he made the song and had me sing the chorus for it. We discussed some video ideas, but I was skeptical about the quality of a music video without it's singer, in this case, Charlie Sheen. I knew "no" would not appease Jason, so I started watching every Sheen interview I could.

Suddenly it dawned on me. I said "winning" to myself and it really sunk in. Maybe I could do a Charlie Sheen impression? I took off the headphones I was wearing, walked up to Jason who was sitting on a chair on his balcony overlooking traffic on Hollywood's 101 freeway, and immediately launched into a frightening Charlie Sheen monologue. He absolutely loved it. One sleepless night later and we had our unscripted parody, ripe with improvisation and insanity.

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