bahamas "barchords"

I like music, so why not try an album review? Oh yeah, no reason not to.

KCRW introduced me to Bahamas, singer/songwriter Afie Jurvanen, late one night while I was driving with "Caught Me Thinking". The song is both upbeat and sad, in the same way a masterchef's signature dish can balance sweet and spicy. The song instantly reminded me of two of my favorite artists, (smog) and Elliot Smith.

Every song on Barchords is simple and delicate. The first song, "Lost In The Light", is hauntingly sparse and beautiful. Though repetitious, the mood and female backup singers really make the track for me. It's a song I listen to when the sadness creeps in through the floorboards in my head.

Other highlights on the album include the noisy guitar build at the end of "Never Again", the magnificent guitar solo on "Your Sweet Touch", and the almost minimalist approach to "Overjoyed" which begins with the lines "Overjoyed, if laughter's all we had/Overjoyed, there's joy in feeling sad".

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