i am a warlock now

So my friend Jason Carmody, whom I attended UC Santa Cruz with, fell in love with Charlie Sheen's call into Alex Jones' radio show and wanted me to set pieces of it to music. After I told him it was a funny idea but didn't act upon it, he made the song and had me sing the chorus for it. We discussed some video ideas, but I was skeptical about the quality of a music video without it's singer, in this case, Charlie Sheen. I knew "no" would not appease Jason, so I started watching every Sheen interview I could.

Suddenly it dawned on me. I said "winning" to myself and it really sunk in. Maybe I could do a Charlie Sheen impression? I took off the headphones I was wearing, walked up to Jason who was sitting on a chair on his balcony overlooking traffic on Hollywood's 101 freeway, and immediately launched into a frightening Charlie Sheen monologue. He absolutely loved it. One sleepless night later and we had our unscripted parody, ripe with improvisation and insanity.

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