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I'm happy to announce the feature film 0s & 1s, which I have a role in, will have its World Premiere at the Maryland Film Festival. The film is from first time writer/director Eugene Kotlyarenko and plays on May 8th and my birthday May 9th. That's a pretty nice gift. If you'd like, leave me a birthday message in the comments! I'd love it.

Here's how J. Scott Braid from the Maryland Film Festival describes the film: "0s & 1s is a comedy that tells a simple story in a wholly new and visually compelling way. Recognizing that our lives are increasingly centered around computers and the language of computer use, 0s & 1s uses our familiarity with that language as a platform for telling a story.

James Pongo ( Morgan Krantz) has everything going for him -- a good job, a busy social life, a love interest -- that is, until his laptop disappears. After getting wrecked at a friend’s house party and passing out, James wakes up to find that his laptop is gone, and his computer-dependent life begins to unravel.

The entire movie appears on our screen as though on a laptop running on a fictional operating system. The screen bursts with chat bubbles, system-warning windows, MP3 applications, email messages, web browsers, and anything else you can think of that might pop-up on your laptop monitor. It is an approach to filmmaking that is totally fresh, and provides a real treat for the eyes."

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Blogger italiancupcake said...

High Five for May birthdays!! My birthday is the 2nd.
Soooo....have a happy happy birthday and congrats on the movie!


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