the color green

More on that color later. First remember this is not a political blog, but politics is an inescapable part of life and during my lifetime elections have only grown in importance. This year's election is incredibly important, and has a chance to be monumental, so vote. John Cusack has something he would like to add.

music: She & Him are, the actress with a cool name, Zooey Deschanel and indie musician, M. Ward. Their debut album Volume One is both spectacular and devastating. The songs are heavily indebted to country and The Beatles' special brand of pop. This is never more clear than on the cover of The Beatles' very own "I Should Have Known Better". My personal favorite, "I Was Made For You", sounds like an oldie produced by Phil Spector and his wall of sound.

dvd: Control is a biopic about Ian Curtis, the lead singer of the band Joy Division. The film is shot beautifully in black and white. A must for aspiring rock stars and music fans. After Ian's suicide at 23, his band mates went on to form New Order.

The color green is a color I like. The grass. The leaves. The color is also a catch phrase nowadays for big business to cash in on environmental issues. Maybe that's a cynical viewpoint. I truly hope companies that are going "green" make an impact on the world. Now I happen to believe Global Warming is real, but regardless of where you stand on that issue, the environment is of the utmost importance. I live in Los Angeles and if you have been, you know about the smog. I'd argue it's never a good in Los Angeles because of it. Well, blue is another color I like. Blue skies on mars was suggested in the classic Total Recall. Well how about blue skies in Hollywood?

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