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Hello! Hope you had a great summer. I most certainly have; with plenty of friends, family, and tavel. I edited a feature film that I star in and found out that my first feature film, Things You Don't Tell, will have distribution in Australia, Brazil, Greece, and South Africa. Also, I starred in a pilot which may be available on iTunes soon...

Albert has been busy making art. He is on a DVD that is now available on Netflix, though it's admittedly not his best interview. He was recently featured on the popular blog Daily Candy.

In video news, Albert's Spit Art was featured on a program about web videos on CNN. It was also featured on the pilot to the CW's new show about web videos called Online Nation which includes our friend Stevie Ryan as a host. Episodes are available at the CW website.

Although Ryan hasn't made any videos in a while, a video he edited for his work, the hilarious and entertaining, GoPotato.tv was featured on YouTube. The Inappropriate Yoga Guy has 1.8 million hits and even inspired a New York Times article. The writer/star is friend Avi Rothman, who you might recognize from our collaboration, Holy Sh!t. Don't fret, school's almost over. Love, Ryan.

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