welcome to pimplyblog

this is our new blog to learn about the brothers (albert & ryan). where they've been. where they are. where they are going. or anything else that may be of interest. goodies, links, etc.

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Blogger Lanora said...

So how old are you guys? Where were you raised? Whatcha up to?

Blogger pimplywimp said...

we are timeless. we brought into being over a million billion years ago. then we ended up in our mom's womb. ryan's bio explains this. we were raised in Los Angeles, then San Mateo CA...and now we're back in LA...Albert is a an artist with artshows coming up in LA & NY. Ryan is an actor/filmmaker who is currently writing two scripts and breakdancing poorly...thanks for the inquiry.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

make another youtube movie pleaz. me and friend love the macho man dude, he is funny. " i am doing my homework, i'm just not at home!!!!" lol lol lol

Anonymous Kay said...

Were are you guys at?? Hopefully in Texas, are u guys out of highschool??

Anonymous Kay said...

i am sooo bored. no more pimplywimp movies 2 watch!!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey I think u r kool wat do u like 2 do 4 fun besides make movies? U should make more youtube vids 'cause the ones dat r on there r coolio!!!!PEACE OUT ;-)
PS you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous KaraRae said...

yeah so i really love all of you and your brothers collections. I feel like iam bound to come all the way to San Fransico just to play an acoustic song with you but being broke and living in ohio doesnt help much.To be honest with you when ever i watch your videos life seems so much brighter. :)

Well..i do have a question to ask and i was wondering if you would ever do any art shows down here in Tremont, Ohio? The location is nice and it would be good to have someone fresh working with me for an ArtShow. I do alot of shadowboxing, ScrapArt(garbageart), and Abstract Expressionism.
Anyways, Kudo's for the work.One Love.

Blogger katastroof ehk stiina said...

Keep this up, guys. Love to you, and never lose your humour. It will be missed bad.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

when you first come to this site, on the page that says pimplywimp.com & it has that picture of a nerd with like tentacles, whats that song called? i LOVE it. :]

from: me<3


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