ryan stars in two feature films

Ryan's recent film news includes a month long journey to Utah to shoot his second feature, the independent film Parade, directed by Brandon Cahoon. He plays the main character, Dean Barrett, a high school student who, through countless adventures and misadventures, tries to make sense of young adulthood. More info to follow.

His first feature, the independent film Thing's You Don't Tell is currently seeking distribution and hitting the festival circuit. For more info, please visit the website.

Ryan also recently starred in two short films, The Key and Cool Jerks. the latter of which was featured in print, Rolling Out Magazine, and at the Independent Black Film Festival & Noir Film Festival.

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Blogger Snouter said...

I wanted to fly out to Utah a few months back myself for some skiing. Maybe next year.

Good luck with that movie you made there.

Blogger Lanora said...

I can't wait to see Things You Don't Tell. Keep us posted to when it released or bootleged on the internet somewhere!

Blogger pimplywimp said...

snouter...yeah! skiing is funny. personally, i prefer snowboarding!

Ianora...hopefully you'll be able too. the producers are currently speaking with distributors, which is a very good thing.

Blogger just a girl said...

Yeah, I got excited to watch Things You Don't Tell when I saw that trailer.

Also, do you have a place for lyrics or anything because I was listening to Faire Ses Adieux and some of it is kind of fuzzy but I think it's a good song.

Blogger pimplywimp said...

no place for lyrics. but it is a demo & i plan on making a much better recording of the song.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear lord. that picture on the top of your page scared be to feath. please move it somewhere else.
i think you spamed me into watching your natalie portman rap response. but it was worth it. i got to watch brokeback meowntain and i laughed my ass off. good on you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

congratssssssss ryan reyesssssss, i hope yr filmsssssss do better than well.

Anonymous Elias said...

Hey, man!
It's me, eliasbennis from JEWtjewbe (The guy who requested more latino sections =) prolly like 50000 other who did too, but what the heck:p)
Just wanted to say that eventhough most of my time goes to my snowboarding career, i come home, relax - and watch ur movies! They're awesome, bro.
-Keep it up ;)
And if u want/even care about replying to it to eliasbennis @ youtube.
thx 4 everything :)


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