spit, a great idea?

Happy Holidays!!! It's been a great year for both Albert and myself. We are very thankful for everyone who has sent us nice comments and emails. The upcoming year is going to be exciting for us both. Albert will have art shows in Philadelphia and Berlin. My second feature will be finished with post production and be ready for film festivals. There is also some top secret stuff going on that will be sure to entertain you.

Please read Albert's article in The New York Times Magazine's 6th Annual Year In Ideas. You may have to sign up and login before you can read it.

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Blogger just a girl said...

wow, that's pretty awesome--berlin huh? I've never been out of america. What is your second feature?

Sounds like you guys both definitely have a lot of stuff going on.

Blogger Margot said...

You're the biggest cutie I have ever layed eyes on.


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