2008 begins

With a bang and a ricochet. Soon I will post the trailer for the film I starred in called Parade. The Parade website explains the film and includes many photos. If you are interested in seeing the film or have any feedback, please leave a comment.

Here are a couple links of interest...Obviously people like to play with a drum machine. If you are a fan of mashups then visit this The Kleptones for free full album downloads.

Albert has a new art show called Something Wicked in San Francisco at Ampersand International Arts. This is his artist statement for the show: "I was born in Los Angeles, California in 1971 and currently reside there where I am trying to make it as an artist. I show and sell my work in both L.A. and San Francisco, at galleries I trust. I guess my art is a form of Pop Humanism or maybe even Folk, being that I am a mother folker. My work is about my life and the meaningfulness and meaninglessness of my uniquely American experience. I attempt to capture and reveal beauty by commenting on culture, politics, and religion. Ignorance is bliss. I am a people person and enjoy entertaining people, although pissing them off can be fun too. If I cannot get a positive reaction I know I can get a negative one rather easily. I love to draw and cannot hold down a real job, so please buy my artwork. Drive safely and have a good night."

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Anonymous breakerpress said...

Keep it up boys, it's inspiring
i dig.


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