2007 in review

Anybody have any ideas for a list of the most goodest bestest viral videos of 2007? My choices include Will Farrell's "The Landlord", Miss South Carolina, Tay Zonday's "Chocolate Rain", Chris Crocker's "Leave Britney Alone", SNL's "Dick In A Box", Dramatic Chipmunk, and 2Girls1Cup (this one is definitely not for everyone). Some of these were popularized with remixes and reactions that created a cultural phenomenon and made the videos much more fun. What videos do you think I neglected?

I just finished acting in my third feature film. I play a heroin user who sells himself to feed the addiction. Ought to be dark, provocative, and interesting. More word on that as it's received. As for Albert, another great art show. And yeah 2007 was amazing!

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Anonymous jfloydrix said...

mr. deity
derrickcomedy's videos
look around you
perreo chacalonero lost version.
check here: http://www.youtube.com/profile_favorites?user=jimifloydrix


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