one task at a time

Everyone knows it is best to do one task at a time. Before you use the restroom for number one, you must drink water. So be extra careful to focus when drinking water. Personally, i don't drink soda or coffee.

website: An Australian guy who was recently left by his wife wants to change his entire life to help cope, so he's auctioning it off. Even his friends and job. i love Australians! Getting to the point, I can't sell my whole life, but I got some burnt toast and a few problems I'd like to auction off. Anyone?

music: The National are from Ne York. They are a great band. I fell in love with the song "Fake Empire".

dvd: Lake of Fire is a really hard hitting and graphic documentary about abortion issues in America and the problems that arise from them. I agree with Noam Chomsky on this issue, who is interviewed in the film. What's your opinion?

pimplywimp: Albert had a show at Dirty Pilot. They have a wonderful online gallery of his work. Here's a direct quote from them: "We are thrilled to be showing Albert's work this month!! Dirty Pilot has published a 32 page 4-color zine to commemorate this show."

My video "LisaNova Naked by 2013? McCain Ad Parody" got featured in YouTube's comedy section. I think that's cool.

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