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I haven't registered to vote yet. Have you? I'm not voting for the ticket with the MILF. Sure she's cute and I like her hair and glasses, but as soon as she tries to communicate everything around me dies. I'm talking about appetites, house plants, etc. In my view, McCain uses hatchets and Obama is a surgeon with a scalpel. Can't wait for the comedy that will be the Vice Presidential Debates!

Albert turned down appearances on America's Got Talent and Late Night with Conan O'Brien. He doesn't particularly want to be known only for his Spit Art, or be exploited by big corporate television conglomerates. The O'Brien Show wanted him to draw a cartoon version of Conan which totally negated his artistic integrity. Albert says, and I agree, he would be much better suited for an interview by Charlie Rose.

The second film I starred in, Parade, won the Audience Choice Award at the Washougal International Film Festival, its first festival appearance.

The first film I starred in, Things You Don't Tell was supposed to be for sale and released on Netflix. Apparently, the DVDs haven't even been produced!?! I don't have a copy of my own and doubly frustrated by that and announcing it to my all my e-friends when it doesn't yet exist. I offer my apologies and hope you still are interested when it is finally released.

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